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The development of a nation needs a national spirit, the same development of an enterprise requires a corporate culture of their own ideas. Tianxiang company in 30 years of development history, Tianxiang people's personal growth and progress of development and closely linked to the spirit of team play, help each other, to the vicissitudes of corporate responsibility. Tianxiang they contributed to the company's development and expansion of its own strength, but also to share the company's success. Company continued commitment to technology innovation, management innovation, and gradually establish the requirements for the development of the company simple and effective scientific and standardized management system, so as to continuously improve efficiency, enhance market competitiveness. It is the spirit of honest and hardworking, pioneering and innovative purposes, Tianxiang step by step development and growth. Companies focus on talent development and training, emphasis on product quality, focus on the business philosophy of integrity, with the joint efforts of people Tianxiang, Tianxiang's future will be even more brilliant.

The operating philosophy:

Market in the first and strive to establish long-term cooperation between customer satisfaction

Sincerity to establish credit

Respect for the individual employee concerned

To share the success of co-oriented

Based on their own scientific innovation


Realistic and innovative credit management


Do not accept bad products, not bad products, not bad for

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